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Press Release: Closing the Gap Healthcare awarded $409,605 grant from Ontario’s Health Technologies Fund

Ontario’s Health Technologies Fund (HTF)

IMG_5410Ontario has committed to funding 15 innovative health technologies via grants from the new Health Technologies Fund. The grants support the development of software and mobile devices that focus on the delivery of better home and community care. These projects will undergo assessment and evaluation over the next 18 to 24 months to facilitate their success for adoption and scalability in Ontario’s innovative health care system. In 2016-17, $5.4 million will be distributed to 15 projects, including Closing the Gap Healthcare’s Remote Patient Monitoring.

Remote Patient Monitoring to Better Manage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

IMG_5413This innovative software measures a patient’s vital signs including blood pressure and oxygen saturation and automatically notifies a health care provider when readings change. The kit includes a custom Android tablet computer with a secure two-way video connection between patient and clinician. The equipment provides patients with remote access to rehab programs to better self-manage their condition at home.



Health Innovation Team: Closing the Gap Healthcare, CLOUD DX, Women’s College Research Institute, Markham Stouffville Hospital
Grant amount: $409,605



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