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What is a Corporate Flu Clinic?

If one of your employees contracts the flu, it can take them 7 to 10 days to fully recover and come back to work. The chances of the flu virus being spread among co-workers is quite high since symptoms typically appear 1 to 4 days after an individual has been exposed to the virus. As a result, companies often choose to organize Corporate Flu Clinics in the workplace.

During a Corporate Flu Clinic, our Nurses will come to your office and provide flu shots to your employees.  Corporate flu clinics help reduce flu-related employee absenteeism and lost productivity with a convenient and affordable solution to maintain a healthy workplace throughout the flu season.

Nursing giving flu shot to kid.
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Nurse giving flu shot to man.

“The onsite flu clinic at the KW Record was an enormous success thanks to the organization by Closing the Gap and the skill and charm of the clinic nurse, Kathy Kennedy.  I’ve not had a single complaint!” – Tracy Bryce, Health & Safety Manager at Metroland Media

What are the benefits of Corporate Flu Clinics?
Convenience & Easy Access

Individuals may be reluctant to get their flu shot after work hours, whether it’s due to forgetfulness, procrastination, or any other reasons. When flu clinics are offered in the workplace, it has been shown that a higher percentage of employees get their flu shot.


Allowing employees to get their flu shot in the workplace also means that as an employer, you can track which employees have gotten their flu shot. Knowing how many employees are at risk for getting the flu can allow organizations to better plan for absences and use precautionary measures where needed.

Reducing Absenteeism

When employees get the flu shot, they become less likely to contract the flu. This means that fewer employees take time off work due to being sick, which reduces absenteeism and in turn improves productivity.

What’s included in our Corporate Flu Clinics?

  • Vaccinations from a licensed Nurse
  • Information regarding the benefits/risks of the vaccination
  • Questionnaire, consent form, and immunization record card
  • Educational information regarding influenza signs and symptoms and how to stay healthy during the flu season
  • Complimentary bottle of hand sanitizer
Who administers our Corporate Flu Clinics?

Our Registered Nurses (RNs) and Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) are regulated health professionals who administer our Corporate Flu Clinics. You can rest assured knowing your employees will receive vaccinations from a licensed nurse. Our nurses are also available to answer any questions about the vaccination and/or the flu.

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