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What are Group Wellness Workshops?

Our Group Wellness Workshops are a series of workshop presentations delivered to your employees in your workplace. Each Group Wellness Workshop is offered as a 1-hour session where we will come to your workplace and deliver a presentation on certain lifestyle topics, such as Smoking Cessation or Stress Management. Employers may choose to deliver the full “Live Well, Be Well” workshop series or select specific topics individually.

Our Group Wellness Workshop series focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle to your employees through using universal learning principles, case studies, and best practices to provide practical information, tools, and resources that will support employees’ health.

Woman giving presentation in a group wellness workshop to employees sitting in chairs, attentive.
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Employees discussing in a group wellness workshop.

What can you expect from our Group Wellness Workshops?

Employees will be attending workshops filled with useful information, tips, strategies and skills needed to change their behaviours and make healthy choices in the areas of nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress management, and more. This helps employers deal with common health problems in the workplace such as absenteeism, high employee benefit costs, and managing chronic illnesses.

Topics covered in our Group Wellness Workshops:
Stress Management poster: Words that read "Help-I'm Stressed!" and "Feeling stressed? Good news... it's normal!" placed on top of image: guy covered in sticky notes image.

Stress Management

Smoking Cessation poster: Words that read "Living a Smoke-Free Life", "Sometimes it's good to be a quitter" placed on top of image: hands crushing cigarettes.

Smoking Cessation

Shopping Healthy poster: Words that read "Shopping for Healthy Choices", "Healthy eating starts with healthy shopping" placed on top of image: mom and kid shopping for veggies & fruits in supermarket.

Shopping Healthy

Meal Planning & Healthy Eating poster: Words that read "What's On Your Plate?", "Meal Planning Basics & Healthy Eating Tips" placed on top of image: salad bowl, apple, waist ruler and meal plan sheet with pencil.

Meal Planning & Healthy Eating

Mindfulness poster: Words that read "Practicing Mindfulness", "Train Your Mind. Train Your Brain" placed on top of image: girl standing in the meadow, eyes closed.


Exercise & Weight Management poster: Words that read "Every Step Counts", "Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Weight" placed on top of image: feet standing on scale.

Exercise & Weight Management

Who provides our Group Wellness Workshops?

Our Registered Nurses (RNs) and Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) are regulated health professionals that deliver our Group Wellness Workshops. They are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide employees with useful and applicable information and tips about healthy living. After the workshop is finished, they will be available to answer any questions employees may have about work and life wellness.

Group Wellness Workshop Brochure

Want to learn more about our Group Wellness Workshops?
Download our free Group Wellness Workshop Brochure (PDF) to learn more!

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