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3 Benefits of Physiotherapy That Lead to Better Well-Being

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Regular physiotherapy benefits people of all ages who suffer from any variety of ailments or injuries. From car accidents to sports injuries, lower back pain, post-surgery stiffness and musculoskeletal conditions, physiotherapy empowers you to strengthen your body to your pre-injury fitness level. At Closing the Gap Healthcare, our registered physiotherapists proudly help over 400 clients a day through our OHIP funded clinics as well as private services.

Say Goodbye to Pain

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Pain comes in many forms and is usually the main reason to see a physiotherapist. Aches and pains can be the result of a motor vehicle injury, a sprained ankle from basketball practice, carpal tunnel syndrome from a poorly set up workstation, or chronic lower back pain that started long before you can even remember. It doesn’t matter how bad the pain is, if it affects your performance at work, at the gym, on the field or at home, you need to do something about it. Physiotherapy can help you manage, mitigate or even eliminate the pain so that you can get back to enjoying your physical activities. It also reduces your dependency on painkillers, which gives your kidneys a much-needed break.

Enjoy a Personalized Approach

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The beauty of physiotherapy is that, like other therapy, your path to recovery is completely tailored to your needs. Your registered physiotherapist will make an assessment of your pain and your physical capabilities and develop a personalized recovery program that can be adjusted at any time. Physiotherapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution for the simple fact that we are all so different, and even two people with the same injury may have a separate physiotherapy recovery program based on their age and ability.

Prevent Future Injury

Physiotherapists treat people of all fitness levels, from professional athletes to people who haven’t been to the gym in years. Depending on your injury, your physiotherapist will take the time to show you how to properly move your body in order to avoid stress on your joints and maximize the benefits of a workout, thereby preventing future sprain, strain or break. By teaching you the proper exercise techniques, you’ll achieve strength and flexibility in your muscles and joints, to help prevent future injuries from occurring.

Anyone who has trouble doing every day tasks due to illness or injury, or whose functional independence has decreased can benefit from Physiotherapy.  If you think you might need Physiotherapy services, Contact Us to speak with one of our staff members to learn more and book an appointment.

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