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What is Social Work?

Social Work is a profession that aims to help families, individuals, groups and communities to improve their overall well-being. Social Work can focus on personal issues as well as broader social concerns. The duties of a Social Worker can vary greatly, often including some form of counselling, mediation, and/or program development.

Who can benefit from Social Work?

If you are in need of professional counselling for personal, family, or work related problems, you may benefit from speaking with a Social Worker. Social Workers can help those with mental health issues, or anyone that needs help overcoming life’s most difficult challenges, including: poverty, stress, depression, addiction, disability, and other issues.

Social Workers Can Assist with the Following:
  • Assist in situations of family conflict
  • Counselling for issues of social isolation / loneliness
  • Help cope with the complexities of difficult emotional situations
  • Help individuals to make informed decisions and retain control over their own lives
  • Supporting individuals with mental health issues
  • Enable clients as well as their their families to resolve issues
  • Supporting families to identify and access financial or community assistance

Our Social Workers

All of our Registered Social Workers have completed a Master’s degree in Social Work. They help assist people of all ages to cope with changing roles and relationships while understanding the impact of illness or disability. They also help enhance an individual’s ability to make decisions, access community resources, alleviate stress, and manage or modify difficult family situations.


We service both rural and urban regions throughout Ontario and Nova Scotia, with 14 Clinics and 11 Home Care office locations. To find out if Social Work is offered near you, please visit our Locations page. If you do not see any locations near you, please contact us and we’ll be happy to let you know if we offer services in your area.

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