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Our Commitments

Closing the Gap Healthcare (CTG) is committed to the ideals of Canadian multiculturalism and celebrates the diversity of its workers. As an ethnically and culturally diverse workplace, CTG encourages its workers to practice their cultural beliefs and practices in a work environment free from discrimination, harassment, or prejudice. CTG will not tolerate, ignore, or condone acts of discrimination against or by any worker. CTG maintains working conditions and employment practices that are free from discrimination. When a workplace discrimination event occurs, it is managed in a consistent and effective manner to resolution.

As part of CTG’s commitment to fostering a culture of inclusion, diversity, and equity, a group of team members from across the organization were brought together in the Fall of 2020 to form the I.D.E.A. (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Anti-Discrimination) Committee. The Committee advises CTG leadership on the tangible actions required to raise awareness about and combat all forms of discrimination, promote inclusion, diversity, and drive equity across CTG.

The Committee also provides oversight to the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of a multi-faceted, multi-year I.D.E.A. Action Plan. Implementation of the elements of the action plan will require the involvement and commitment of many CTG resources and may also require external resources. Areas of focus of the 2022-2025 action plan are:

  1. Governance and Leadership
  2. Building Awareness and Capacity
  3. Increasing Diversity and Representation
  4. Engagement and Connectedness

Each of these focus areas connects back to the core values that CTG strives to embody with clients, families, team members, and stakeholders.

CTG is a proud Employer Partner with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI). Through this partnership, team members have access to educational resources to facilitate further learning in all areas of equity and inclusion.

I.D.E.A. Framework


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2022-2025 Action Plan

In Year One of the Action Plan, CTG made significant progress in many of the focus areas outlined above, as guided by the I.D.E.A. Committee. Highlights are shared below. These areas will remain a focus through 2025, and milestones will be shared annually.

Governance and Leadership
All leaders were surveyed to report on current DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) activities occurring at both regional and corporate levels. The findings of this survey were analyzed by the I.D.E.A. Committee to develop a baseline for DEI understanding and activity across the organization.

Building Awareness and Capacity
A three-year learning pathway was developed, including goals, actions, and a model for evaluation. Year One of the learning pathway was implemented, with plans to evaluate success in a year’s time. Year Two will be planned using learnings from Year One. Simultaneously, frequent internal communications were employed as an awareness-building tool across all functions of the organization.

Increasing Diversity and Representation
This focus area is a key priority for 2023-24. Initiatives include equity data collection from new and existing team members, thorough analysis of this data to evaluate and improve career development programs, and working with the HR team to identify and work to remove equity barriers for new team members.

Engagement and Connectedness
Managers were equipped with tools to support the discussion of equity-related concepts with their team members on an ongoing basis and this support will continue. To come is the development of formalized opportunities for community partnerships with Indigenous, Black, and equity seeking communities.

For more details on the above initiatives, visit CTG’s 2023 Annual Report.

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