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5 Tips for Planning a Family Day that Everyone Will Enjoy

family building snowman

Family Day is just around the corner. Instead of spending the day parked on the couch, binge watching TV, we’d like to propose a better idea that might actually be a lot of fun – spend time with your family!

So often do we take our family for granted. They’re always in the house, but do we ever really take the time out of our busy lives to connect with them? Family Day is the perfect time to catch up, enjoy each other’s company, and have some wholesome fun.

When No One Can Agree

We know that choosing an activity that’s enjoyable for the whole family can be more painful than pulling teeth. That might be why you gave up trying to coordinate Family Day plans a long time ago. The number of children you have and their age difference can also seriously challenge your planning skills. While we know that it’s unlikely that everyone in the family will agree on a single activity—and if they do, then count yourself lucky—we have a feeling that these 5 simple planning tips will set you on the right path towards a truly successful Family Day.

1. Open Communication and Fair Compromise

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Your eldest wants to go to the mall but your 10-year-old wants to build an impenetrable snow fort in the back yard. Your only child wants to see a movie but your spouse would rather take a scenic drive through the country. While these activities have nothing to do with each other, you might be able to please all parties by practicing the art of compromise. Is there a way you can schedule both activities in one day so that everybody is happy? Can these activities even be done in a single day? If going to a movie is just not plausible or conflicts with the majority vote, maybe buying a movie gift certificate for another day will be enough to keep the peace. The important thing to remember is that everyone should have an equal say in Family Day activities, so every suggestion should be considered.

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2. Schedule Something Extra Special

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No matter how old we get, everyone likes to be treated sometimes. If you’re worried that your kids will try to sneak their way out of the house, you might be able to make it difficult for them to plan a subterfuge by promising an extra special surprise. Family Day comes but once a year. That’s why we encourage you not to treat it like any other day. If you can afford it, try to plan something memorable and fun, and make sure that everyone will enjoy it. Since Family Day falls on the coldest, windiest month of the year, it’s the perfect time to hit those ski slopes, go skating, rent a cabin on the side of a picturesque mountain or find the perfect tobogganing hill.

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3. Group Activities Can Lead to Closer Community

Want to spend time with your family, but don’t have the budget (or imagination) to plan something that everyone will like? Why not join forces with another family? Invite another family over for a stay-at-home Family Day adventure. The more children there are, the more likely your kids will enjoy whatever activity you have in store for them. This can be a great way to spend time with your family – while getting to know another family – without feeling the need to over plan or overspend.

4. One Family Activity Can Be Enough

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Family Day might happen to fall on a busy time for some people. We understand that spending Family Day with your family doesn’t always mean spending all day with them. If you really want to use this special day to bond with your family, but simply don’t have the time to plan an elaborate affair, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with setting aside just a few hours for a single activity. It’s the thought that counts.

5. Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On Yourself—Or Your Kids

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No one will judge you for not planning a Family Day extravaganza for your spouse and children. Ideally, family days should happen more than once a year. So don’t feel like you have to plan something with your family just because you all have the day off. Maybe you’re one of the unlucky shift workers who still has to work on Family Day. Or maybe your kids have their hearts set on separate activities. Giving yourself the option not to celebrate it with your family takes the pressure—and the stress—away from what should be a very relaxing and fun-filled day.

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