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Finding a CCA in Halifax for Your Home Care Needs

Depending on your situation, you or your loved one might need a Continuing Care Assistant (CCA)—someone who provides assistance with daily living activities such as meal planning and preparation, dressing/bathing or medication reminders. If this is the case, we’ll help you find a CCA in Halifax that best fits your needs.

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Publicly Funded CCA in Halifax

If you think you might need a Continuing Care Assistant in Halifax, you should first contact Nova Scotia Continuing Care services, as the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness is responsible for providing publicly funded home care. Publicly funded nursing services are free; however, for CCAs in Halifax there will likely be a fee based on your family size and income. After assessing and qualifying your needs, a Care Coordinator will determine the number of service hours you need, and will assign a home care agency to provide the service.

However, publicly funded home care is not the only option. You may consider private home care if you don’t qualify for publicly funded home care. You may also consider private home care if you need extra support and want to purchase additional hours to complement your publicly funded care. In either of these cases, there are several ways to find a private in-home CCA in Halifax.

Finding a Private CCA through Home Care Agencies

To find a private CCA in Halifax, you can directly contact a home care agency and ask for their services. The customer service representative will assess your needs and assign a CCA accordingly.

This option is suitable for those who want a reliable, professional service from experienced and trained workers. After all, you’re letting a stranger inside your home, so hiring a Continuing Care Assistant from a reputable home care agency is usually your best option.

You can evaluate the legitimacy and quality of the home care agency by looking at factors such as their ratings and reviews, whether they are accredited, their privacy and security policies, their number of years serving your community, and more.

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Finding a Private CCA through Hiring or Advertising Services

If you decide not to go with a home care agency, you can use websites like Kijiji or hiring sites like Indeed instead. The cost of hiring a CCA through these websites may be cheaper than hiring a CCA from a home care agency; however, there are certain risks to this option.

If you hire a private CCA through Kijiji or Indeed, it’s difficult to know if you’re hiring a legitimate, qualified, and experienced worker. Also, if the worker doesn’t show up, or if they take a vacation, you may be left stranded. Another big concern is if you have a complaint, for example if something goes missing from your home, there won’t be an organization or customer service team to resolve the issue.

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Finding a Private CCA through Word of Mouth

You might be opposed to the idea of letting someone you don’t know inside your home, and may consider reaching out to personal connections to find a private CCA.

However, using word of mouth to find a CCA might result in hiring a caregiver that doesn’t have professional training and may not be qualified to provide the care that you need. Another thing to consider is that hiring a CCA through word of mouth is similar to hiring one from Kijiji or Indeed; they may not be reliable, and there isn’t an accredited organization standing by 24/7 in case you have any concerns about the care you’re receiving.

Costs of Hiring a Private CCA in Halifax

If you’re hiring a Continuing Care Assistant in Halifax through a home care agency, the cost will usually be $30 to $35 per hour. Family caregivers or CCAs hired independently may cost less—usually $25 to $30 per hour—but you also need to consider the differences in the level of care you’ll be receiving.

Only reputable home care agencies can guarantee that a trained and qualified CCA will be providing your care, with stringent policies in place for security and privacy, while having a 24/7 support team that you can speak with.

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At Closing the Gap Healthcare, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality of care throughout Halifax. If you’re interested in learning more about our CCAs, fill out the form below and one of our care representatives will contact you directly to discuss your needs. You can also call us directly at 902-832-9913.

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