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Personal Support Workers and the Aging Population

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The time is ticking, and you might even hear it from your own parents: “you better take care of me when I’m older.” Suddenly, the time comes and the stress of your own situation is more overwhelming than you expected. You have kids to raise, dishes to wash, and now your parents to care for! It’s a stressful situation, but there are options and solutions that will help you cope with your busy lifestyle changes.

Senior Care in the News

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In countries such as China, the pressure of caring for the aging population is ingrained in the culture and reflected in the law. Recently, Shanghai stated that it would put those who didn’t visit their aging parents on a credit blacklist. This means that the consequences of a Chinese son or daughter not visiting their parents would affect them financially (talk about pressure!) In 2013, a law was passed in China that if children do not visit their senior parents regularly, they can be sued. Imagine we faced the same consequences? What would our options look like?

Canadian Care

Although Canada’s government does not meddle with such family matters, Canada is going through a similar problem. The population is growing older, and adults are expected to take on the responsibility of caring for their children, parents, and themselves in the mix. It’s an overwhelming feeling, and the emotional strain can be too much. Individuals might feel guilty that they are not able to do enough for their parents, and these stresses are quite common.

As the baby boomer generation ages, valid concerns are presented to the children of the aging population. People are met with stressful decisions, as there are different routes to take when considering caring for the older generation. It might be your decision to take care of your parents on your own, although you don’t need to struggle through this process by yourself.

Personal Support Workers allow you to take care of your family on your own terms, while having them close to you in their home or yours. Whether it is for just a few hours a day or around the clock care, a Personal Support Worker can help you provide the care that your loved ones need.

If you need assistance maintaining daily activities and would like to remain in the comfort of your own home, Contact Us to see if a Personal Support Worker might be the right choice for you.

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