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3 Reasons to Have a Spring in Your Step This April

woman sitting in a fresh springtime field

The smell of earth and melting snow is in the air, little green shoots are pushing through the dirt and there’s mud everywhere. But most importantly, the sun’s incredible warmth has started rejuvenating our mind, body and spirit. Spring is finally here. It’s no secret that spring makes us feel like we’re waking up from a 5-month-long nap. We’re automatically happier and healthier. Here are 3 reasons to put some spring into your step this April.

1. More Sunshine

The sun is a wonderful thing, and in the winter months, we can feel extremely deprived of its warmth and light. By the time Easter comes around, the sun has already started to wake us up. The days are longer, the air is brighter and the feel of sunshine on our skin is not only revitalizing, but it also gives us a healthy dose of vitamin D, which contributes to bone, teeth and immune health.

Lack of sunshine is directly linked to Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is a form of major depression that affects people in the winter months. If you suffer from SAD, then you know how important a healthy dose of sunshine is to your mood. When spring comes around, say goodbye to the winter blues.

2. Outdoor playtime

If you take a drive through residential neighbourhoods, you might notice a sudden surge in outdoor activities. Children everywhere will be dragging out their basketball and hockey nets. Exposed pavement will be scribbled with colourful chalk, and people will be more inclined to oil up their bikes, take long walks, and start gardening. Thanks to Daylight Savings Time and more reasonable temperatures, you won’t feel the need to jump into your pyjamas and hide on the couch when you get home from work. Now you’ll have the time and sunshine to enjoy your evenings.

3. New Life is Everywhere

foal and mare in a field representing rebirth and springtime

Come April, you’ll notice a revival of nature that is undeniably enriching and awe-inspiring. Fresh, young plants—not to mention yummy produce—will start shooting through the cold damp earth, and animals will start giving birth to their next generation. There is a smell of life in the air, which, compared to the cold, dead of winter, makes us buzz with excitement. It’s no wonder spring makes us automatically feel refreshed and alive.

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