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Why Everyone Should Celebrate National Social Work Month

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March is National Social Work Month, and at Closing the Gap, we understand how important this profession is to the communities and families we serve. Whether or not you have been directly involved with social work, we guarantee that there is someone close to you whose life was enriched by the care of a social worker. We owe many of our freedoms to these individuals. For that, they should be celebrated.

The dedication and endless care that social workers provide positively impact the well-being of many people in our society. The term social work is far-reaching and is as old as the concept of social justice and welfare. For as long as people have dedicated their lives to helping others, there has been social work. These days, it is needed in every facet of our society.

How Social Workers Make the Future Brighter for Children

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Social workers are employed by government-run institutions, such as Youth Protection Services, to ensure the mental and physical well-being of our country’s children. These individuals work with kids in many ways, such as organizing a child’s foster care or adoption, investigating violence or sexual abuse in the home, and ensuring that each child is given the opportunity to thrive following a difficult trauma. Social workers are also employed by school boards to work alongside students who come from difficult pasts, such as juvenile delinquents or children in tough family situations. A social worker will help these students develop the necessary skills to do well in school and progress with potential.

How Social Workers Make the Community a Better Place

Social workers provide many services for mental and physical health and rehabilitation. They help patients and their families overcome grief and emotional trauma due to illness, as well as provide counselling and therapy for families and couples. They help addicts in public and private rehabilitation facilities to overcome their addictions and to empower themselves to live healthier lives. They also help ex-convicts reintegrate into society. If your family member is suffering from a degenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s, a social worker will help you maintain self care and work with you through the difficult process of caring for your family member. If you or your loved one lives in a retirement home, you will have likely met a social worker who is employed by the home to contribute to the proper care and treatment of everyone living there.

Advocacy and Human Rights

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On a grander scale, social workers are employed by governments and NGOs to fight for social justice, equality, human rights and dignity for everyone. They are frequently consulted in all aspects of society, from ensuring proper accessibility to people with physical disabilities, to advocating for health services such as abortion and healthcare.

Wherever compassion and kindness are needed, social workers have always been there for us. They are the champions of the advancement for the human race. For more information about social work and how you can show your support for National Social Work Month, visit the Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) website.

Closing the Gap’s Social Workers  aim to help families, individuals, groups and communities to improve their overall well-being. To find out if CTG’s Social Workers can help you, Contact Us today.

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