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The Flu Virus and Ways to Prevent It

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The “flu” virus, or influenza, is commonly caused by viruses that attack the respiratory tract. The symptoms usually include a fever, cough, sore throat, muscle aches, fatigue, etc., and most people recover from the flu within two weeks. However, some people can develop pneumonia and other life-threatening illnesses as a result of the flu. It’s for this reason that the flu shot can be a good idea for those at risk including: pregnant women, the elderly, young children and people who have chronic health issues. It is best to consult with a doctor to determine your options, and Closing the Gap Healthcare can help.

Types of Flu Viruses

1&2. Influenza Types A & B

Influenza Types A & B are serious, as they can cause epidemics of respiratory illness. This illness is seen in the winter months and causes an increase in hospitalizations and deaths.

3. Influenza Type C

Influenza type C usually appears as a mild respiratory illness, while symptoms may not be visible in some cases. This virus does not cause any severe epidemics like types A and B.

The problem is that flu viruses are constantly changing, making us susceptible to the flu throughout our lives.

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Closing the Gap Workplace Flu Clinic Program

The flu can spread rapidly from person to person, and can take over an entire workplace! Sooner than you know it, people are taking sick days from left to right, resulting in a loss of productivity.

Closing the Gap Healthcare’s Workplace Flu Clinic Program will reduce flu-related employee absenteeism and lost productivity in the workplace. It’s time to put a stop to the flu in your office for good, and protect the health of your employees. Contact Closing the Gap Healthcare for solutions to employee absenteeism due to the flu today!

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