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Recognizing Speech and Language Deficiencies in Your Child: Where Do You Go from Here?

A normal day for you might look something like this:

Your mother is sick in the hospital so you go over to visit for a few hours, and your day officially begins (at 6am!). Then you’re running around taking your kids to daycare, making meals, and ensuring that all of the cleaning is done before your partner gets home. On top of all of these stressors, you’re noticing issues with your child’s ability to speak and communicate. You have no time to research or even think about this problem, and you’re not even sure if it is one. Where do you go from here?

Life can get busy, and it can be extremely difficult to get everything that needs to be done in a day’s time. But, if you are noticing problems with your child’s speech, it’s important to deal with this issue and find help for your child.

mother and father helping with speech and language therapy

If you recognize an issue these are a few steps you can take to help:

  • Make sure that everything checks out with your child’s hearing, and pay close attention to any ear infections.
  • Repeat your child’s laughter and expressions.
  • Talk throughout the day while caring for your child (e.g. “Mom is opening the dresser to find you something to wear”).
  • Teach your child to sound out different animal noises.
  • Teach your baby different intimate actions such as: blowing kisses, waving goodbye, etc.

These are a few tips that will improve your child’s speech and communication, but, if things continue to get worse, it’s time to search for outside help.

The Solution: Closing the Gap’s Speech Language Pathologists

At Closing the Gap, we understand how busy your life can get while taking care of your kids, parents, and even yourself while you’re at it! That’s why we have Speech Language Pathologists (SLPs) available to assist individuals in all age groups who are having difficulty with communication and swallowing. Our therapy is beneficial to children and adults, and it can improve interactions with family and friends, while enhancing job or school performances. Our Speech Language Pathologists will:

  • Assess and treat speech, language, reading, and writing disorders;
  • Asses and treat swallowing disorders;
  • Counsel patients, families, and caregivers; and
  • Consult and refer patients to other professionals when required.

Closing the Gap will ensure that you are looked after, as well as your child. We will take the stress of having to assess your child for a speech disorder off of your back, while taking action and attending to the problem. You don’t have to deal with life on life’s terms alone; call Closing the Gap to find the help you’re looking for.

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