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Corporate Wellness Brochure

Not sure if your company needs a Workplace Wellness Program?
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What is Corporate Wellness?

Corporate Wellness programs establish a work environment that promotes healthy lifestyles to help reduce the risk of disease, increase productivity, lower the cost of employee benefits, reduce absenteeism rates, and enhance overall quality of life.

Employers can offer organizational-based programs such as preventative health screenings, special gym memberships, educational seminars, weight-loss programs, tobacco-cessation programs, and more. A correctly designed wellness program will boost employee morale and reduce stress levels, to help keep your employees healthy and happy while at work.

“Our Employees used Closing the Gap Healthcare’s Advanced AngioDefender Screening recently as part of our employee wellness program. Employees found the results to be very informative and are using the results to make better choices in the hopes of improving their overall health.  We were very happy with our experience with Closing the Gap Healthcare’s Screening.” – SBW Wealth Management & Employee Benefits

The Employee Health Problem
Chronic Disease

As the life expectancy of Canadians increase, they become more likely to experience chronic diseases.

Did you know?
• 67% of all deaths in Canada are from the 4 major chronic diseases 1
• 60% of Canadians over the age of 20 have a chronic disease1
• $64 billion dollars are lost annually related to lost productivity1
Employee Benefits

As the population ages and more employees demand workplace benefits, the plan utilization will increase along with their costs to the employer. According to Aon Hewitt’s Medical Trend Rates report, cardiovascular, cancer and respiratory conditions are the most prevalent health conditions driving health care claims around the world.3

Did you know?
• The average cost of providing benefits is 10% of gross payroll ($7,000 per full-time employee)3
• In 2016, employee health plans increased by 8%, on average4

With an average rate of absenteeism at 9.3 days per full-time employee2, absenteeism is a major contributor to lost productivity and revenue for Canadian organizations.

Did you know?
• It is estimated that the direct cost of absenteeism is 2.4% of gross payroll, costing the Canadian economy $16.6 billion in 2012.2

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4 Global Medical Costs Expected to Increase in 2017 Despite Lower Rates of Inflation (

Employee Benefits Cartoon: manager sitting looking at paper, employee having two heads, one excited one tired. Words underneath read "Finally, a way to save money on our benefits program... You guys are perfect!"
How Can We Help?

Risk Assessment / Needs Analysis

• Closing the Gap Healthcare’s Wellness Team will work with you to help determine the wellness/health needs of your organization and inform decision-making on how best to meet the needs of management or employees and improve overall employee health.

Biometric Screenings

• A comprehensive screening using multiple tests to assess different health indicators. The screening is intended to help an individual assess risk of common health concerns, such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease.

Individual Health Coaching

• It’s time to start investing in yourself. Reach your wellness goals with individualized health coaching. One-to-one sessions with a health coach focuses on identifying your health goals and turning them into action.

Group Wellness Workshops

• The “Live Well, Be Well”  group wellness workshop series focuses on healthy employees. These interactive and engaging workshops will equip employees with the information, tips, strategies and skills needed to change behavious and make healthy choices in the areas of nutrition, sleep, exercise, and stress management.

Additional Services Offered

• We provide onsite Ergonomic Assessments and recommendations carried out by healthcare professionals, to help identify ergonomic risk factors in the workplace.

• Our Workplace Flu Clinic Program helps reduces flu-related employee absenteeism and lost productivity with a convenient and affordable solution to maintain a healthy workplace throughout the flu season.

• Our team of 1,500+ Clinical Healthcare Professionals offer high-quality, dependable service for clients of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

Corporate Wellness Brochure

Not sure if your company needs a Workplace Wellness Program?
Download our free Corporate Wellness Brochure (PDF) to learn more!

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