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How to Incorporate Workplace Wellness into the Office Kitchen

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Workplace wellness programs aim to improve the health and well-being of employees to improve the bottom line of a company. While these program incentives may seem like an expensive investment at first, studies show that companies who invest in employee health have lower absenteeism and turnaround, reduced healthcare costs, and improved company image.

A holistic wellness program isn’t just about offering gym memberships, longer vacation times, and a generous health insurance plan. It’s also about making sure that you’re invested in your employee’s nutrition. A proper diet is one of the most important ways to regulate one’s health. Here are some easy tips to transform your work kitchen or cafeteria into a healthy haven.

Eliminate Sugary Drinks From Vending Machines

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Did you know that a can of regular Coca-Cola contains just under 10 teaspoons of sugar? That’s a lot of empty calories with very little nutrition. Encourage your employees to think twice about grabbing a soda from the vending machine by replacing those highly sweetened drinks with healthier alternatives. If it’s a cold caffeine fix your employees are looking for, set up an iced coffee and tea stand, and replace the soda in your vending machines with water, kombucha tea, or soda water. If you really don’t want to get rid of cola altogether, we suggest increasing the price to make the nutritious drinks more financially attractive.

Include Nutritional Information on All of the Food

Give your employees the power of information. If your company has a cafeteria, publicize the nutritional information next to every dish so that your employees know what they’re putting into their bodies. Ideally, the menu will be based on a whole food, vegetable-heavy diet, but if you still want to include a few favourites, like pizza or French fries, the listed calories, fat, and sugar might make employees think twice about their choices. Not only will you show an investment in the overall health of your staff, but you’ll also encourage your employees to take better care of themselves.

Offer Local and Organic Fruits & Vegetables to Cook With


It’s one thing to provide your employees with a basket of freshly picked veggies, herbs, and fruits. But eating raw vegetables isn’t everyone’s idea of a satisfying lunch. A handful of raw carrots and broccoli is perfect for a light snack, but lunchtime requires something more substantial. Take your wellness program to the next level by setting up your cafeteria or lunchroom with all the tools your employees need to cook themselves healthy meals from fresh and local ingredients. If that’s too difficult to manage with your current set up, consider getting an omelette stand (or something similar) where your employees pick from pre-cut vegetables, and quickly whip up a satisfying, nutritious, and delicious lunchtime meal.

Closing the Gap & Corporate Wellness

Did you know that Closing the Gap has workplace wellness programs? Contact us to find out how your company can integrate diet and nutrition into your corporate wellness program.

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