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5 Easy Tips for Managing Your Stress in the Workplace

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Nobody ever said that work was a walk in the park. More than being responsible for daily tasks, you’re also asked to interact with a cast of characters, meet deadlines, and toe the company line. It’s easy to feel stressed about a harsh email, an important assignment, a coworker who doesn’t agree. But if you’re constantly stressed out at work, your quality of life will suffer.

As part of Closing the Gap’s Workplace Wellness Program, we help companies find ways to mitigate workplace stress. Here are some examples of how you can take care of your mind, body, and spirit at work and at home.

Practice Self-Care at Home

Stress will follow you everywhere you go – if you let it. If there’s something going on at home that has a hold of your energy and attention, you won’t be focused on the job and your work performance will suffer, which causes you more stress. Whatever is happening at home, take the time to address it so that you are more ready and able to do your job. Practicing self-care can be as easy as getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, exercising, and engaging in an activity that relaxes you.

Step Away from the Desk

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Several studies have proven that sitting or standing all day long can lead to unhealthy consequences for your neck and spine. Sitting for hours on end cuts off circulation, puts pressure on your muscles, and leads to discomfort, while over-correcting by standing all day is also not good for your spine. Take frequent breaks, stretch, move away from your desk, rest your eyes, and go for a walk at least once an hour to reduce tension, avoid headaches, and eliminate pain.

Take Advantage of the Open-Door Policy

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If there’s something bothering you, don’t hold it in. You should always feel free and open to discuss workplace issues with your supervisor or manager. If the issue involves this person, your company should have an open-door policy that allows you to speak freely to an appointed Ombudsperson or member of HR without fear of consequence. Keeping your work problems to yourself will only result in the issue not being resolved, which won’t help your stress.

Learn to Say No

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You want to get ahead in your job and show your boss how dedicated and hard-working you are. That often means spending long hours at the office, saying yes to more work, and accepting more challenges, even though you physically have no time to finish what’s already on your plate. Although it’s not a bad idea to show your managers that you’re willing to skip a lunch or offer your weekend up for the company cause, this is a quick route to complete and utter exhaustion. Staying busy is one thing, but filling up your schedule so much that you don’t give yourself time to take a break will keep your stress levels at an all-time high. Your employers don’t want you to rush through an assignment, and they will respect your honesty.

Find Out About Workplace Wellness Program

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Many companies are proactive in their approach to workplace wellness. Some strategies may include stress-relieving programs, such as workplace workouts, healthy lifestyle coaching, nutritional snacks, ergonomic assessments, and more. Ask your employer about what kind of wellness programs can help mitigate stress. If you want to learn more about the workplace wellness programs offered by Closing the Gap, feel free to contact us.

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