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A Twofold Service: The Importance of Companion Care

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the continued advances in medicine today are a blessing to those who would otherwise be suffering. But an unforeseen circumstance of improving medicinal science is that there are an increasing number of seniors who need care. While to a certain extent seniors can receive care from their children, today the phenomenon of the “sandwich generation”, or the generation of people tasked with caring for both their parents and their own children, is more and more prevalent. The companion care offered by Home Support Workers is designed not only to care for seniors, but to provide care for the sandwich generation as well.

Nursing taking senior man's blood pressure

What Is Home Support?

The everyday tasks that healthy, able-bodied people perform without a second thought are not equally as simple for everyone else. Those with health-related issues, those who have recently been released from the hospital, and those with age-related issues may be faced with physical barriers to daily activities. Further, companionship is no less important, though far more difficult to achieve, for people with these issues. Home Support Workers offering companion care provide:

  • Meal planning and preparation;
  • Light housekeeping;
  • Laundry;
  • Accompaniment to medical appointments, shopping, or social outings; and
  • Pleasant everyday social interactions like reading, card games, walks, and more.

Though these services may seem simple, they make a world of difference for seniors and those in need, while providing a source of care for the caregiver as well. A Home Support Worker lets you, the caregiver, relax and breathe easy knowing that your loved one is receiving care and support. With a Home Support Worker, you can get back that much needed time for yourself.

What Are the Benefits of Home Support?

Unsurprisingly, many seniors prefer the independence and freedom that staying at home offers, not to mention a reluctance to move away from the homes they have spent so long fostering. However, barriers like accessibility and suitability make it difficult to stay at home without help. The children of today’s seniors can provide one source of aid, but it’s a Home Support Worker’s job to provide companionship and support, thus helping both the caregiver and the person in need.

Closing the Gap offers Home Support service to those in need of assistance with activities of daily living. If you or a loved one is in need of companion care, Contact Us for more information.

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